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Zenith is Tecna's home realm. It is a world with heavy use of technology and the people enjoy a high standard of living and
180px-Sin título
use the metric system. It's called the Third Binary Sector in some versions, and Titania in the comics. The climate of this planet is cold due to the fact that the robot droids function well in this specific temperature.
  • The word "Zenith" is generally used to describe a point supposed to be directly above a particular location. In astronomy, it denotes the highest point a celestial body reaches in the sky (for example the Sun reaches its zenith at noon).

Season 5Edit

Royal Family/AssistantsEdit

Cryos - Is the so-called King of the said planet. His first appearance was in episode 18 of season 5 in the kingdom of Domino. He was there to attend a meeting which was presided by Queen Mariam and King Oritel to talk about how to defeat Tritannus by reuniting their forces. At first, King Cryos never agreed to reunite with the other kingdoms. But since Tecna convinced him to do so, he really did but it was almost in the end of the season.

Tecna - It has been unknown if ever Tecna belongs to the royal family or not. There are some facts that she is the daughter of the King and the Princess of Zenith. However, it's not enough to prove such big theory.

Lithia - is a selkie that guards th gates of the oceans in the planet Zenith and at the same time, she is also bonded with Tecna.


Data Bridge Castle - is a castle located beneath the oceans of Zenith. This is where the Gem of Empathy is located.

Royal Palace - is where the royal family resides. It is also where King Cryos is staying. This palace has so many robot droids that guards the palace away from foreigners or intruders.

Mall of Zenith - This is the mall of Zenith. Unlike all the other malls, there is nothing else to be seen there except the shop-a-trons. The Shop-A-Trons serve as the sales lady. They serve the customers and bring them what they want.


  • Zenith has only one sattelite called the Tittan. ('tay-t'un)
    • Tittan is about the size of Earth's sattelite called the moon.
  • Zenith is strictly forbidden of trees, flowers or all nature stuffs.
    • Animals are the only nature stuffs that is not forbidden to the said planet, but you can only see hundreds of them.