Production Code: 101

Rai Title: Una Fata a Gardenia (A Fairy in Gardenia)
Cinelume Title: An Unexpected Event
4Kids Title: It Feels Like Magic
Nickelodeon Title: (none=specials)
Major Character Role: Bloom and Stella
Real Production Code: Season 1 Episode 1


Bloom finds a new friend Stella, and together they will make lots of discoveries. Mysterious creatures threaten Stella, the fairy of the sun and moon, she knows how to defend herself, but she should be thankful for Bloom's help. Could she be a fairy too? We'll find out at Alfea, school for fairies, in the next episode.


Nickelodeon Dub

4kids Dub

Rai Dub

Cinelume Dub


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Part 1Edit

Winx Club Season 1 Episode 1 - An Unexpected Event (RAI English) (Part 1 of 2)14:53

Winx Club Season 1 Episode 1 - An Unexpected Event (RAI English) (Part 1 of 2)

Rai English

Part 2Edit

Winx Club Season 1 Episode 1 - An Unexpected Event (RAI English) (Part 2 of 2)04:37

Winx Club Season 1 Episode 1 - An Unexpected Event (RAI English) (Part 2 of 2)

Rai English

Next Episode PreviewEdit

Next episode will be difficult to Bloom. Will she go to Alfea? Because if she does, she will leave her mom and dad behind. Don't miss! Next episode's preview; Winx Club - Episode 102

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Major EventsEdit

  • Bloom meets Stella and Knut.
  • Bloom did her first spell.
  • Bloom decided to go to Alfea.
  • Bloom's first visit in Magix.
  • Bloom meets the specialists: Sky, Timmy, Riven, and Brandon.


  • When Stella is telling Bloom about the magical dimension and when Bloom first visits Magix, her pant leg frequently changes from ripped to not ripped.
  • When Bloom, Stella and Bloom's parents are walking towards Alfea, they aren't carrying any luggage, but they arrived through the portal with luggage.
  • When Stella was being held down by the ghouls, she had no wings.


  • Stella is the first of the Winx, besides Bloom, who visited Earth.
  • The plot of this episode is featured in the first Nickelodeon Special, although shortened.


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