300px-Winx horse

Affiliation(s) The Winx
Owner Bloom
Orgins Domino
Species Horse (formerly)
Unicorn; Pegasus (currently)

Peg is Bloom's pet horse that she receives from her parents as a gift in "Winx Club: Magical Adventure 3D".


Peg is a white horse with a brownish hair and tail. She also has a brown suit which is putted purposely for passengers.

Personality ProfileEdit

She is quite a very good girl, she helps Bloom and the others while in need.

Magical Adventure 3DEdit

When Bloom met Sky at Domino, Sky helps Bloom to learn how to do horse back riding using Peg.

During the second movie, Peg helps Bloom a lot and the others too. In the end, Peg became a unicorn; pegasus by eating the leaves of the magical seedling in Havram.