Voiced By Unknown
Affiliation Pixie Village, Red Fountain, Cloud Tower, Alfea
First Appearance The Pixie Village (Italian version)

Winx ClubEdit

Ninfea is the guardian pixie of Pixie Village's Codex. She guards and protects Pixie Village in the Dark Forest. She is the mother of all the pixies, she loves playing card games but always stays alert. Ninfea is very kind and wears a green gown and has a green staff that is the codex. Her power is mostly generated from light, but she also has power over nature, as she caused vines to grow to prevent Icy from stealing the Codex.

She is the only Guardian Pixie who continues to appear after Season 2, along with Concorda who appeared in The Secret of the Lost kingdom when the Pixies came from the Pixie Village to help the Winx rebuild Alfea and was seen in Season 3 when the Winx were looking for information in the library off to Alfea to heal Stella who was turned into a monster by Chimera.

Pop PixieEdit

Ninfea is the only of the 4 Codex Guardian Pixies who appears at Pop Pixie. She appears as the queen of the

Pixieville's Queen Pixie Leader, Ninfea.



  • Ninfea's name is a variation of "Ninfa", the Italian word for Nymph. Nymphs are minor deities of Nature in Greek Mythology who are usually associated to trees, forests, rivers among others and who usually accompany the superior deities (the Gods and Goddesses).