Miele is Flora's younger sister. Miele's name was changed into "Rose" in 4kids dub. She appeared only once in

Miele (Rose)


Age 10
Origin Linphea
Powers/Abilities Posssibly Nature passed powers
First Appearence "Winx Club - Episode 3:12(Tears of the Black Willow)
Relationships Flora (Older Sister)
Voiced by Reagan Davis (original american)

Winx Club - Episode 3:12 (The Tears of the Black Willow).

Season 3Edit

Miele lives on her home planet, Linphea. She made her appearance in episode twelve when the Winx Club came for a visit. She shows them where the Sage of Linphea is and after the Sage tells them that the tears of the Black Willow can save Faragonda she is sent home by Flora for her own safety. She does not listen and appears again when the Winx are about to collect the tears of the Willow, telling the Winx not to touch the water. The Trix come and attack, and hit Flora. They nearly hit Flora with a powerful spell but Miele puts herself between the attack and her sister gets hit by the Trix; causing her to fall into the water poisoned by Darcy. Flora, extremely angry, summoned a plant that caused the Trix to become blind. She then goes into the water to save Miele, asking her why she did not go home, and Miele answers, she wanted to see what would happen. Flora sends her up in a bubble, and Miele starts crying. Flora earns her Enchantix by saving Miele. Because she's from Planet Linphea, it is possible that she has nature-based magic like Flora.


  • "Miele" is the Italian word for "Honey". Flora often calls her honey.
  • In the 4Kids TV dub Miele is called Rose.