The magix dimension is were everything starts, all magical creatures are all here that you could even imagine! This
is also the place were Alfea is located at and were our hero Winx studies and became a role model. The Magix dimension was first seen on season 1; first episode of the winx club w/ the main characters Bloom and Stella. Magix is a magical galaxy as well as the name of the major city. Magix acts
360px-Map of Magix
as the home base of the Winx Club in most of the series and is located at the center of the Magix Dimension. In the Second Movie, Magix is mentioned as also being a planet. Thus the name Magix has been used differently through the series:
  1. as the name of the City found near Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain,
  2. as the Planet where the City of Magix, Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain are found,
  3. as the Galaxy where Planet Magix is found, and
  4. as the name for the whole Magic Dimension.
  • The City of Magix (south of Alfea)
  • Alfea:College for Fairies
  • Red Fountain
  • Cloud Tower
  • Darkar's Castle (north of the lake)
  • Pixie Village (south of Cloud Tower)


Barrier MountainsEdit

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Red FountainEdit

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Cloud TowerEdit

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Pixie VillageEdit

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Black Mud SwampEdit

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Lake RoccaluceEdit

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Lord Darkar's FortressEdit

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Red TowerEdit

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Some pictures of places located at MagixEdit


The fortress of light

1. The lake of the fortrees light

Alfea school for fairies

2. Alfea school for fairies

3. Pixie Village
Pixie village

Pixie Village

4. Black Mud Swamp


Black Mud Swamp



5. Cloudtower

6. Red Fountain

Red Fountain