Voiced By Unknown
Origin Unknown
Affiliation(s) Cloud Tower, Red Fountain, Alfea, Pixie Village
Powers and Abilities Unknown
First Appearance Episode 044: In the Heart of Torrenuvola (Original)

In the Heart of Cloud Tower (Cinelume)

Discorda is the guardian pixie of Cloud Tower's Codex and hides in the heart of Cloud Tower. She is one of the four powerful pixies.


Season 2Edit

She was not seen again after Season 2, and it is unknown what happened to her later, as she was not even mentioned when Valtor took control of Cloud Tower in Season 3 or when Griffin regained its control. It is possible that she returned to the Pixie Village once her mission of protecting the Codex over.


She wears a black and purple dress.


Her name comes from the Latin word Discordia, meaning strife which is as well the name by which the Romans called the Greek Goddess of Strif, Eris, when they adopted her into their pantheon. Her opposite is Concordia, the Goddess of Agreement, Understanding and Marital Harmony, called Harmonia by the Greeks.