Defender Plate

Defender Plate

User(s) Tecna
Form(s) Believix
Target(s) None (defensive)

Defender Plate is a defensive spell, summoning a green shield. It has also been seen as a large green bubble around the user, very similar to Tecna's Protective Energy Shield, though it is an Enchantix spell.

Times when usedEdit

  • Season 4 Episode 8 (The White Circle). Used to protect Roxy.
  • Season 4 Episdoe 9 (Nebula) Used to free Roxy from Nebula's Control.
  • Winx Club: Magical Adventure 3D. Used to protect Stella, Flora, and Aisha away from Stormy's attack, but it ended up as both of them fell to the ground.
    • Stormy: Tecna's Defender Plate made her spell reflect/bounce to her ending up as she was hitted by her own spell.
    • Tecna: Stormy's spell was strong enough for her to handle which made her bounce off as the spell reflected and made both of them fall to the ground.