Coco; the fairy pet Cat


Voiced by Unknown
First Appearance Episode 403:The Last Fairy on Earth (Cinelume)
Affiliation(s) Winx Club, Love and Pet, Flora
Powers and Abilities Unknown

Coco is Flora's pet. Like Flora, she loves flowers and nature.

Personality ProfileEdit

Coco is Flora's bonded fairy pet. Like Flora, Coco likes nature and cuddling with those around her.


Coco is a very cute fairy cat. She has a light-blue and big eyes wearing a green headband with two flowers in it. Coco is a light-pink cat with a dark pink hair.


Season 4Edit

Coco was one of the plush animals that Flora brought to life using magic. Since then, she has made various appearances in the Love & Pet store, usually in company of Flora. She was also present during Roxy's fight with Gantlos.


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