The Beta Academy is a school of magic in the realm of Magix. Chimera attends this school with her two friends When the Winx Club met Chimera and her friends they made a cheer:

"tik, tok, tik, tok, Beta's Rule Beta's rock..."

or the signature comeback

"snap! snap!..." used when someone insults someone.

It was not hard for Chimera to recognize the Winx club as Alfea students and although Flora stated it was nice to meet other fairies from another magic school Chimera insulted her good humor.

Students from this school tend to be more antagonistic, competitive, and borderline Witch-like than Alfea students, using attack magic first against Stella and Bloom. Their clothing is also darker than those of Alfea Fairies while not being as dark and gothic-like as Cloud Tower Witches.

However when Chimera lost here patience and was randomly using magic in Magix her friends tried to cam her down out of fear or to help others.

It could be possible that Princess Diaspro is a Beta Academy Fairy.

School for FairiesEdit

While in the 4Kids Version, the school was mentioned as the Beta Academy for Fairies, it was never explicitly said to be a Fairies' school in the Rai Cinelume Version, and Chimera and her friends presented themselves simply as "Beta's" while in the Nickelodeon dub Chimera's Beta friends called themselves Beta Fairies.

In Season 1 Faragonda said that Alfea was the only School for Fairies in the Magic Dimension. It therefore is possible that Beta is a school for magic where fairies as well as other magical creatures go, and even Chimera never presented herself as a Fairy or showed magical ability specific to Fairies. Flora was the one who said that it was nice to meet Fairies from another school, possibly assuming they were Fairies without knowing what they were.

The Beta Academy is possibly just a School of Magic where Fairies as well as many other magical creatures like Witches go, and in the Nickelodeon dub Countess Cassandra even said that Chimera was attending a Sorcery Course at the Beta Academy.

The fact that there is another fairy school makes the possibility of educating fairies from a style different from Alfea very interesting.