Voiced by Ivan Andreani (Original/Italian)
First Appearance Season 4 Episode 3 "The Last Fairy on Earth"
Affiliation(s) Winx Club, Fairy Pets, Roxy
Owner/Bonded Fairy Roxy
Origin Earth

Artu is a fictional character in the Winx Club animated series. He is Roxy's dog and her bonded pet.


Season 4Edit

His first appearance was in Season 4's episode The Last Fairy on Earth, along with his owner, Roxy, the animal fairy. He was part of the event that helped Roxy obtain her Believix. Gantlos had severely injured him, which infuriated Roxy, causing something to trigger inside Roxy, earning her Believix. She later used her powers to heal him.


Artu is a tan, Croatian bloodhound (a mix between a Tyrolean bloodhound and an Italian bloodhound). He is very tall and slender, and wears a dark red collar with silver studs.



  • Artu is the abbreviation of the name Arturo, which is the Italian version of the name Arthur, perhaps as a reference to the Arthurian Legend, as references to the legend of King Arthur have been made many times in Season 4.